The greatest voice the children have is that of their performance.  They were serious about school the first day they began, where the only place to write was in the dirt under a tree.  We heard many say, “They are just village children that will never amount to much,” as they turned and looked the other way.  But there has been a determination in these kids that has proven everyone wrong.  All of Tanzania is now talking about what has happened at Kishapuy School in U’Kambeni Village.  Just to review, in case you missed it, when the test scores came back, the kids had scoredRead More →

When we arrived at the Bible School in 2010, we were greeted by twenty children having school under a tree, writing in the dirt. Two of our graduates had come to Domenic begging to begin school for the children. This was the beginning of a great adventure. Early in the spring of 2011, we put up a temporary tin building for them to meet in and in 2012 the first two permanent classrooms were built. By the end of 2014, two more rooms had been added. We now have an average of 200 children on most days and six certified teachers. As our experience withRead More →

In September 2010 a group of 30 kids began their first lessons, writing in the dirt under some thorn trees in a remote village in Tanzania.  God saw greatness in these kids and then  placed His vision in our hearts: A school for a forgotten tribe of Maasai children.  It has been a long, and many times very frustrating, journey, but today was payday. In January 2016, the kids’ school was finally registered with the Tanzanian government.  This meant that now the government could administer National Tests that allow grade advancement.  On November 23rd the government officials came and administered these test to the kids. Read More →