With More Buildings, More Lives will be Changed..

With More Buildings, More Lives will be Changed..

God has very quickly raised up the new classroom for the Fifth Grade students.  The funding has been received and sent for completion, and Mollel says it will be ready to use by March 15th.  Of course you always judge this in African time.  We are now looking at prices for some school desks that are big enough for the kids who are now teenagers.  The kids are all too big for our original desks, but we never heard them complain.

Bible School

The government has a long list of things they want done, but we aren’t moved by pressure.  We work as funding is available.  We do have some designated funds for the fence and will start the first section as soon as we have enough money to install a full roll of fencing.

Since the classroom is fully funded, we can once again work on the Multi-Purpose Building.  In our next money transfer, we will send funds to put the walls up.  It greatly encourages us to take this next step in the building.  Now it will look like we are really going to get it done.  The next phase is for the trusses and roof, costing $25,000.  God has been faithful to bring just the right amount of money at just the right time.

Reports from Domenic concerning the drought have been very grim.  Many people and their herds have died throughout the region, although no one in our village has died because we have water.  Food is getting harder and harder to find and costing more.  Domenic is driving great distances to buy food for the school.

A new life skill Domenic is teaching the kids is how to plant a garden.  They haven’t ever been taught how to dig in the African fashion.  By learning how to grow food for their families, they will always be able to provide for themselves.

We are so blessed each year as one of our supporting churches buys Bibles for all the students.  Last year most of the graduates had given their Bibles to the new class members so they would have one to start school with.  This is such a gift of faith, giving away your Bible not knowing if you would get it back.

We continually pray for rain to come.  This is the rainy season, but there has been no rain in our region for over a year.  Last week there were pounding rains in the mountains.  This causes tremendous flooding which runs down to our region.  Many homes have washed away, people and their herds have died because of the floods.  The approach to the rail road tracks, which is our main route to town, has been totally washed away.

The enrollment in the Rescue Center is up to twelve again.  They are sewing and knitting – life skills they will use later in life.  We continue to sell their hats here, which is supporting this program.

Even with all the difficulties of life, there is still Revival in the land.  The students go out and preach and souls are added to the Kingdom.  Even during their training the students are taking the gospel to their own people.

Lives are being changed and The Kingdom of God is Advancing because of your partnership with us.

Abiding in the Rest,

Harry and Kathy

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