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ABOUT US – Harry & Kathy

Harry and Kathy McMichael founded Calvary Connection Ministries International in 1992. While working with the Maasai, in Tanzania in 2007, they were gifted with twelve acres of land. The work there began with twenty-five students studying International School of Ministry curriculum. In 2020 the eleventh class of forty three students will graduated.

In 2010 a primary school was begun. In 2017 the fourth graders took their first national tests. They placed # 1 in the District; #2 in the Region and #7 in the nation. In November of 2018, the fourth graders took the national exam and scored #1 in the district, #1 in the Region, and #2 of over 5000 schools in the nation!

Empowering the Maasai Nation to change their world…



A tree that has sprouted in the wilderness where there is no other tree.
A tree that has become a refuge for many people

African Rescue Center

In 2015 a Rescue Center was opened with twelve girls aged eight to eighteen to save them from female circumcision and becoming the tenth wife of a sixty-five year old man. In this program  they are cared for, educated and taught life skills in sewing,  knitting and jewelry making. Currently there are thirty girls in the dorm built to house twelve.  As the more mature girls finish the two year program, they enter the Bible School. When they graduate, they have a US diploma, a certificate of vocational training and a sewing machine to start their own business.  In 2020, ten girls graduated from the Bible School   They are now pastors and business women.

Boy at Blackboard

Primary School

A primary school began in 2010 with 30 kids writing in the dirt under the tree. In 2016 the fourth graders took their first national tests. They placed # 1 in the District; #2 in the Region and #7 in the nation.

East African Schooling Statistics

Poor Young People

have not completed lower secondary school.


are under age 15

More Likely

to be HIV positive later on in life without a basic education

Current Projects

The teacher's housing is moving ahead slowly. The steel door and window frames ahve arrived. Glass will be added after all the painting is completed
The newest government requirement is that all schools must convert their cooking stoves from wood to gas before the end of January 2024.

Recently Completed Projects

The 8th classroom for the Primary School is Finished
This inside of the classroom is ready to use

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