Calvary Connection Ministries International is a nonprofit organization in the state of Washington operating under their own 501(c)(3).    They manage all their finances with the over site of a Board of Directors.  Harry and Kathy McMichael felt they were called to be missionaries before they were married in 1964. They didn’t actually step into that role until 1992. They both have their PhD and are ordained as Apostles.

All designated funds are used exclusively for that project.

McMichael’s have also served with African Inland Mission in Nairobi as volunteers working in housing and general maintenance.

In 1992 they made their first of several mission trips to the Philippines. 1999 found them in Uganda for the first time. Since then, they have returned to North and East Africa once or twice a year staying for three to six months at a time, holding three to five day pastors’ conferences in remote areas.

In 2007 while working with the Maasai in remote regions of northern Tanzania, the village people experienced powerful miracles.  On Harry and Kathy’s return in 2008, they were given twelve acres of land. A Bible Training Center, Kishapuy English Medium School and Rescue Center for young girls, have been built on this site. This has now become a place to bring pastors and leaders to be trained and mentored, children to be educated, and safe place for young girls that have been rescued.

The land was officially registered in the ministry’s name in 2008 using the name Calvary Missions Tanzania.  The ministry received its’ Non Government Organization papers in Tanzania in 2012. The ministry name and site have been drawn into the official maps of Tanzania. The ministry name in the United States is Calvary Connection Miniseries International and Calvary Missions Tanzania in East Africa.

A Bible School began in 2009  using International School of Ministry (ISOM) curriculum. The following September twenty-five Maasai students received their diplomas. Immediately after graduation a new class of students began their studies.  In 2017 the eighth Bible School Class will graduate.

Kishapuy English Medium School was started under a tree with thirty students in the spring of 2010. The children range in age from three to fourteen. The school became officially registered with the Tanzanian Government in January 2016. January 2017 two hundred-seven children were registered.

A Rescue Center for girls eight to twenty was opened in 2015.  Sixty-five year old men want these little girls for their eighth or tenth wife, to become a wife the girls must be circumcised.  In the safe environment, that the school provides, they receive education and life skills to prepare them for life in a modern world.

The ministry now has ten permanent buildings and one temporary ones.  Current construction is underway on the Multi-Purpose building that will meet many of the ongoing government. requirements. The kitchen has been completed .  Currently approximately three hundred ninety people are fed by the ministry each day.