Current Projects

God provided for another school

A couple years ago Dominic went to Ol’Gulului, Kenya to reach out to the people there. The people responded enthusiastically to his message. They were so excited about what Dominic was teaching that they begged for him to open a school there. 

They said if he would commit to opening a school, they would give him 2 hectors of land!

And like that, the school in Ol’Gulului, Kenya, began.

Because we wanted Dominic to be safe we built him a small home in Ol’Gulului, Kenya as it is near the game park. We built it out of cement blocks.

Our first class graduated in September 2023!

One thing our school badly needed is a reliable water supply. We are now in the process of drilling a well there.  It will be used both by the school and the local people. This will give us another opportunity to advance the community and share the love of Jesus with the local people who desperately need water—both potable water and the living water.