The first phase of the multi-purpose building has been completed. It provides a kitchen that feeds 380 people a day,  offices, a classroom and a place to house the Rescue Center work room.  The second story is completed.  The next phase is to install the roof at a cost of $41,000 of which we currently have $31,000.  To complete this building, we need an additional $28,500.

Additional classroom.

We currently have seven classrooms. We need one more to complete the school buildings at a cost of $16,000.

Additional dorm.

We currently have two dorms. One for men and one for the women. We need to add an additional dorm to house approximately 40 girls at a cost of $25,000.


At present time, we have the fence on the north side of the property completed. We need $19,000 to complete the other three sides.