January 2010 three young women showed up at our school. They had walked from a village very far away to come and attend our school. The next class of students would not begin their studies until September and we had no place for them to live. They were insistent that they would not leave until they had finished our school. The only place Dominic had for them to live was the storage shed. This was the beginning of our rescue program. We had no idea what God was birthing. Here is the story of one of those women, told by Domenic: “Mary got born againRead More →

Maasai women are not supported by their husbands.  Usually each man will have ten wives.  They have full responsibility to provide and care for their children.  They go to the mountains and cut fire wood to sell in town to get enough money to feed their children. Twice a week the woman walk to town to sell firewood.Read More →

Every year at least 1/3 of our graduating class is women.  This year there are fourteen.  The question is often asked, “Why bother with women in a culture where they have no value?’  Education empowers women to make changes in their lives.  These women can now get even government jobs to support themselves.  They do not have to give in to tribal traditions that make them a tenth wife of an old man.  They go back into their villages and teach other women and the children.  They are making changes to bring the Maasai into the modern world.Read More →

Irene is the woman worshiping in the middle. Last year a group of nuns came to check out our school.  Irene was an orphan and had been in a difficult living situation with her sister who was married to a Maasai.  They believe if a woman is in their house they are there for their pleasure.  The Nuns thought she might be able to enroll in the Rescue Center.  She is 24 and we wanted to see if she would be able to handle the Bible College.  She has not only fit in but is doing excellent and will graduate in September.Read More →

Jacob has been with us since the beginning of the school.  He is the one who hand dug our 35’well.  Last year he was diagnosed with cirrhosis of liver and taken to the hospital to die.  Harry prayed for him and he has been steadily getting better.  He isn’t back to work yet but had his picture taken in the kitchen.Read More →

When it rains everything is green in just a few days, so you are seeing the result of the prior rain.  When the rain stops all the water quickly drains into the sandy ground.  Domenic wrote yesterday that he had a difficult time getting home from town, there a e places where the flooding is very deep.   You can see the post holes along the road outside the kids’ school.  They were going to put the posts in Monday and be finished by Friday but they won’t be able to get any trucks out for the delivery of materials until the flooding subsides andRead More →

Sometimes you can get discouraged while you are in a dry season.  It feels like you are stuck and you can’t find a way out, but God has a plan and as we keep our eyes on him, we are encouraged to stay the course.  He sees the end from the beginning. It is His plan and He finishes what He starts. When we left Africa last year, we had a handful of seemingly difficult demands from the government.  We refuse to be pressured by them left that list to God.  When break-thru came, it was like a dam bursting as the flood of God’s provisionRead More →

Spring is upon us and the farmers are busy digging up their fields. We have also begun digging, but not for a garden. The digging we are doing is for the foundation of the Multi-Purpose Building. Digging began on March 7th. They are also digging the trenches for the french drains for our gray water. With the completion of this building, we will be able to expand the Bible School and Rescue Program. The fruit we are expecting will be more lives that are transformed.Read More →

God has very quickly raised up the new classroom for the Fifth Grade students.  The funding has been received and sent for completion, and Mollel says it will be ready to use by March 15th.  Of course you always judge this in African time.  We are now looking at prices for some school desks that are big enough for the kids who are now teenagers.  The kids are all too big for our original desks, but we never heard them complain. The government has a long list of things they want done, but we aren’t moved by pressure.  We work as funding is available.  We do haveRead More →