Each day is jam packed and it seems there is no time to rest after long hot days. We finally got the van back and found something else was wrong.  So it went back to the garage and home again.  The next day it wouldn’t start again.  The mechanic had said there had to be something wrong with the battery. Finally Domenic found out that the garage where he had bought it was selling bad batteries that only lasted for about a month.  We are hopping mad and will go after them for a full refund since we have had so much trouble and nowRead More →

There has been no rain at our school for 1 1/2 years.  When it comes there is flooding.  In a day or two the water is absorbed into our sandy soil. Because of our warm temperatures, you can see green grass already grown from the rain a couple of weeks ago.Read More →

Most of our fence is made of boma, thorn bush limbs.  It quickly dries out in the hot sun and continually needs to be replenished.  Even this doesn’t always keep the herds of cattle and goats out.  We have begun the fence around the kids’ school.  $18,000 is needed to finish the fence.Read More →