Advancing Quickly…

Advancing Quickly…


Sometimes you can get discouraged while you are in a dry season.  It feels like you are stuck and you can’t find a way out, but God has a plan and as we keep our eyes on him, we are encouraged to stay the course.  He sees the end from the beginning. It is His plan and He finishes what He starts.
When we left Africa last year, we had a handful of seemingly difficult demands from the government.  We refuse to be pressured by them left that list to God.  When break-thru came, it was like a dam bursting as the flood of God’s provision was released.
The key for building the fifth classroom was the kids’ test scores.  Their performance spoke to the hearts of those giving and the funding came very quickly.  By the end of March the building was completed and the kids were using it.  As we remained in God’s Rest, He took care of it.

We are now able to once again move forward with the Multi-Purpose Building.  Funds were sent April 1st to put the walls up.  This will help everyone to actually see the vision we have held in our hearts for several years.  Along with that, we also sent $600 to put up enough fencing to use up a roll of wire, complete with the necessary posts.  The fence is not a priority for us but we wanted to start because we had enough designated funds to do that much and the government wont be able to fault us for not having started it.  The next phase on the MPB is for the trusses and roof which costs $25,000.  He who has begun this work will be faithful to complete it.

When we left Africa last year, our cook, Jacob, was dying of liver failure.  The Canadian medical team had taken him to the hospital because his liver and kidneys had shut down.  We had prayed for his healing, it has been a slow process for him but God is healing him and he is doing much better.

Domenic has been working with the kids’ parents on what he calls a “Cost Sharing Program”.  It may appear to be baby steps but any step forward is a major victory.  Most recently they gave enough money to repaint the kids’ restroom,  get some text books, help with the school licensing and pay for inspections.  Our eventual goal is that the school will be self sustaining.  We are thankful for this progress.

Last month we were also able to replace windows on our 1st two classrooms.  We had used big panes of glass in them, the wind would blow so hard that they would explode into the room on the kids.  Notice in the picture how big the trees have grown. The kids planted two years ago, and take care of them every day.

The severe drought is on going.   We need rain in the land but Spiritual hunger continues to burn in the hearts of the Maasai.  Please join us as we continue to pray for the salvation of our king, Solomon.  We believe that when he gets saved the entire Maasai nation will turn around, that witch craft will be destroyed.  We have a knowing in our hearts that this is the year that he will give in to God.
Abiding in the Rest of God,

Harry & Kathy

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