Digging into the Future…

Digging into the Future…

Spring is upon us and the farmers are busy digging up their fields. We have also begun digging, but not for a garden. The digging we are doing is for the foundation of the Multi-Purpose Building. Digging began on March 7th. They are also digging the trenches for the french drains for our gray water. With the completion of this building, we will be able to expand the Bible School and Rescue Program. The fruit we are expecting will be more lives that are transformed.

Just as we left last year, we found a company that has a back hoe. After all the problems we had digging the kids’ pit latrine, we were excited to find someone to help us. Right now we have $10,000 to work with on the foundation. Mollel needed to recalculate our cost since it had been about four years since our first bid. One good change, that is costing us more, is that now they are requiring re-bar in the foundation. We are confident that as we progress with the work on the building, the funds will be there to complete it.

The school had a rude awakening in February when there was no water for several days in a row. One problem was that the solar panels were very dirty. But that wasn’t the big problem. For the first time since we put the well in, in 2009, we didn’t have any water. We have never had any problems with it. Everyone was so used to having water that they were shocked when there was none. Even our surface water well was dry. They had to find other local wells and quickly dig ours deeper to get to water. We use a lot of water since we feed about two-hundred and fifty people a day.

The early rains only lasted for a couple of weeks. It wasn’t long enough for grass to grow and things to get back to normal. It looks like blowing dirt will be the norm again for 2016. This has kept a good number of our kids from returning to school. Because of the long term drought, school registration is down to one hundred seventy seven this year. We covet your prayers that the children will be able to return to school and continue their education.

The girls in the Rescue Center are continuing with their sewing lessons. They practice sewing on paper before working on fabric. They are excited to be learning to sew.

Advancing the Kingdom in Tanzania,

Harry & Kathy

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