Registration Completed!!!

Registration Completed!!!

When we arrived at the Bible School in 2010, we were greeted by twenty children having school under a tree, writing in the dirt. Two of our graduates had come to Domenic begging to begin school for the children. This was the beginning of a great adventure. Early in the spring of 2011, we put up a temporary tin building for them to meet in and in 2012 the first two permanent classrooms were built. By the end of 2014, two more rooms had been added. We now have an average of 200 children on most days and six certified teachers.

As our experience with having a school grew, we began to understand that if we didn’t prepare to have classes for the older children, the girls would be taken for wives at ten or twelve and the boys sent to watch the cattle and goats. This began the very long and frustrating process of registering the school with the national government. Even though the government wasn’t willing to pay for anything, they had great expectations on how our school should look and operate. They also had been known to come in and bulldoze down whole schools when you disagree with them.

We have endured many inspections; met seemingly ridiculous building codes; paid so many fees and had countless meetings. Mollel, our engineer has worked diligently with the government to see the project completed.

Official Paperwork

JANUARY 30, 2016, WE RECEIVED OFFICIAL NOTIFICATION THAT KISHAPUY SCHOOL FOR THE MAASAI IS NOW A LEGAL SCHOOL IN TANZANIA. We will now be able to administer national tests that allow the children to advance to another grade. We are licensed to educate children thru the seventh grade. The only thing holding us back now is not having enough class rooms or teachers. As far as the school stands right now, we will not take in any new students this year but will advance all the children we now have to the next grade.

It has been a very long and often difficult journey but God has seen us through and we are praising Him for His faithfulness to these wonderful children.

January was already such an exciting month with H’Osiana returning to the Rescue Center and not married to the old man her parents had made a deal with.

Also in January the rains came, and the long drought was finally ended. But with the cooler, wet days, everyone has malaria. Feb 4th, the Canadian medical teams once again returned to treat our village and those of our region.

We saw another Christian wedding in January. Thomas, one of the first boys that was rescued from tribal circumcision, married one of the girls who had been in our seminar for the girls last year. Every wedding is another brick in establishing Godly principles for marriage in this region.

The girls in the Rescue Center are knitting and sewing school uniforms. We have sent money to buy ten more sewing machines for them.

To top all this off, we will soon begin building the Multi-purpose Building. Then the Bible School and Rescue Center will be able to expand. All of this has happened and it is only the first of February.
We truly serve an amazing God!

In the Service of the King,
Harry and Kathy

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