Perfect Scores Bring Top Ratings…

Perfect Scores Bring Top Ratings…

In September 2010 a group of 30 kids began their first lessons, writing in the dirt under some thorn trees in a remote village in Tanzania.  God saw greatness in these kids and then  placed His vision in our hearts: A school for a forgotten tribe of Maasai children.  It has been a long, and many times very frustrating, journey, but today was payday.
In January 2016, the kids’ school was finally registered with the Tanzanian government.  This meant that now the government could administer National Tests that allow grade advancement.  On November 23rd the government officials came and administered these test to the kids.  Today the results are back.
All of the kids scored “A’s” in every subject.  Because of their perfect scores, the school is now rated:

  • Number 1 in the District
  • Number 3 in the Region
  • Number 7 in the Nation

There is the grandest  celebration you could ever imagine going on at the school tonight!!!!

There were 5,875 schools that  took this test.  We had prayed for the kids to do so  well, that when their scores came back,  every one would stand up and pay attention to our school.  The results are far beyond anything we could have hoped or imagined.
The kids have proven they are serious about school.  Now we must quickly finish the new classroom for those who have already started P5 (fifth grade).  Today we sent money for the foundation and floor for this classroom.  The remaining cost to finish it is $10,000.

“Extreme Weather Conditions…”
It is the heat of summer in Tanzania right now, it is hotter than you can imagine.   There has been no rain in over a year.  This means there are no crops, no food for the animals, and no food for the people.  A serious famine is moving over much of Africa.  The furious winds have increased, dust storms often block out the sun.  This is now  the norm every day. Massive “dust devils” roaring through the region and our compound.

No one has died in our village yet because we have water, but many are dying throughout our region.  Most of the animals have been taken to the mountains where they hope to find food.  Those that remain  are  dying. Some of our students have not returned to school because they need to stay with their families and help them find food.  It is getting difficult for Domenic to buy the quantities of food we need to feed 250 people a day.  He is having to  drive further to find it and the prices continue to increase.

But even with all this swirling around us, God is confirming the work in U’Kamboni Village.  He is raising up three generations in a very insignificant place, deep in the wilderness, and they will change their nation and the whole world.

As you partner with this work you are changing the world.

Abiding in “The Rest”
Harry and Kathy

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