“Our Primary School Teachers…”

“Our Primary School Teachers…”

The kids’ primary school had a humble beginning.  When we arrived in 2010 we found twenty children writing in the dirt under the trees.  There was no classroom, no paid staff and no teacher’s housing.   A  couple that had graduated with the first Bible School class were their teachers.  Domenic made  benches out of left over lumber and had a small blackboard nailed to a tree.  He was paying them a small amount, out of his pocket, to teach the kids.  This couple lived near the school and walked to class with the kids every day.

In 2011  a temporary classroom was built for the kids, still using the same wooden planks for benches and a bigger black board now nailed to the wall.  In 2012 donations were made to build the first two permanate rooms for the kids’ school.  We then hired two trained teachers, who lived with the Bible College students, in their dorms.  Now there are ten teachers, one more will soon be hired. Other staff members are also living with the teachers, so there are thirteen living in housing built for six.  This means there are two or more living in each unit.  Both our head teacher and the childrens’ pastor recently got married and are living in the mix of this housing situation, they need private housing.

One of the problems we continually face is that we are always building out of need and not into the future.  The new Teachers’ Housing block, that is under construction, will just meeting our current need.  

We feel like the government is flying a Drone over the school to see where they can make more requirements for the school.  Now they are requiring two more teachers and new  curriculum. 

Our next shock is that we are not paying our teachers enough, although we give them a healthy raise every year and provide free housing. We feel that we have our back against the wall on this and need to reachout and see if there are those that would consider sponsoring a teacher for $100 a month.  This would help releive some of the pressure  we are feeling on our monthly budget.

We value our teachers and feel the need to maintain the high quality they bring to the school, by knowing the Lord and teaching about Him even in their regular lessons.  What the kids learn here grounds them for the rest of their lives. 

Scripture says, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of the Lord and all these things will be added unto you.”  Year after year these kids are placing so high in their national testing that the government has stopped rating all schools numerically, now giving a nondescripe rating.

The King said, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these, my brethern, ye have done it unto me.”  These kids are the future of Africa, they are world changers and they will change the direction of their nation.  Each of you will receive eternal reward for how you have supported the kids, their school and their teachers.

May God continue to richly Bless You as you have partnered with us in this amazing work deep in the villages of Africa.

Harry & Kathy