May Update

May Update

Spring has been a busy time.  Along with completing the Spring Evangelistic Out-Reach, Domenic has been overseeing working on much needed repairs around the compound.  First and formost was meeting the on going list of government requirements.  They hand them out and give us two week deadlines to complete the work, but in reality it will take two or three months to see a project completed.

We were ready to dig the deep water well in Kenya but torrential rains came, delaying anyone even getting to the school in Ol’Gulului.  Seventy one died in just one week of the flooding.  Reports from Nairobi that the situation there has been terrible and isn’t getting any better.

In Ol’Gulului the water has receeded and preparations for digging the well are in progress.  This well will be 820’deep, it is completly paid for. The costs remaining for the rest of the project are for solar power to pump the water out and a storage tank. 

Fresh clean water is a life changer for the people we are now working with in Kenya.  They will learn how to grow gardens by watching us plant ours.  This will give them healthier diets and also a source of income from selling extra vegtables.  Because this well is so deep the water is potable, so they will be much healthier too.  Meeting the physical needs of the people opens their hearts to receive the Love of God that He has for them.

Sometmes we just have to laugh at the newest government requirements.  We only have fires in the kitchen but now each room needs to have a fire extengisher.  Requirements for schools in the city often don’t make much sense for us in the frontier.  It just gives the kids another temptation to see how this thing works.

The government finally did figure out that their country was slowly being destroyed because all the forests have been cut down for fire wood and to make charcol for coooking. This wouldn’t have been quite so bad if there had been a plan for re-forestation,  which there isn’t one.  Now when the rains come in the mountains there is nothing to stop the terrible flooding that sweeps through the villages in the low lands.

We have two prayer request this month.  For over  a year Mollel has been working on the teachers’ housing.  We can’t move forward with other projects until this one is finished.  The teachers have been patiently waiting to have their own space to live in.  

Our other situation is for Domenic and Esther’s work permits.  A week ago Mollel reported that Domenic can not get a work permit while he is in Tanzania.  He must leave the country.  We are grateful that the Lord had instructed us to build him a house in Ol’Gulului.  He is able to work with the school there and that it isn’t too far from the school in Tanzania, so he can continue to oversee things there.  Mollel  has been working on these work permits for two years and keeps requesting more money for them.  We need them “in hand” now.

 Our huge propane tank has arrived and the new “stoves” are up and running.  We have beautiful new cooking pots too.  We have been spending $250 a month for firewood.  We will now see if cooking with gas will be cheaper.  It is interesting that the govenor of Washington State has signed a new law saying that we no longer can use natural gas in our state. What an oxi-moron in this world.

Some times we get caught up in looking at what is going on, or not going on in the natural.  But our eyes always remain on the Lord and all He is doing to change lives in all the people attending our varity of programs.  The issues with the government are just little goads from our enemy.  They are designed to get us worked up about nothing important at all.  The work done in the lives of all these students is eternal. They are being prepared for greatness.  They are the ones that God will use to turn all of Africa around.  What an honor it is to have been chosen to be a part of this powerful work that God is doing.  We know that “No weapon formed against us can prospour.”  For he who created the world knew ahead of time what He would do in this place, with these wonderful people. 

We thank the Lord for each of you that have chosen to partner with us.  May God Bless you and Keep you in all that He has called you to do.

In the Service of the King,

Harry & Kathy


This is a picture of our well in Tanzania.  The new one in Kenya will look just like this.  Work on it begins this week.
Fire extinguishers are now installed in every room..
A giant propane tank now provides us with a clean, smoke free kitchen.
The shiny new pots sit on small stoves on the floor.
Flooding pretty much shuts everything down
Domenic and Esther can no longer be in Tanzania while they wait for thier work permits.  Pleas pray that this issue is quickly resolved.
Domenic has been overseeing repairs around the school.  The Primary School is now bright green.