June Progress Report

June Progress Report

As May came to a close, we are finally seeing projects, that seemed they had been going on forever, are finally at the finish line.  Currently the well is being drilled in Kenya.  It is a dirty, nasty job but, “It is what it is.”  Right now everything in East Africa is green because of the great amounts of rain they have had through out the region.  This will quickly change as all the vegetation dries out again and turns brown.  

The drillers have reached water at 394 feet but the surveyor said to continue drilling to 820 feet.  This will insure that the water is sustainable and pure.  The drilling of the well is paid for.  The next phase on the project is for the solar power and pump, and storage tanks.  This is an additional $10,000.

They first reached water at 394 feet but the water engineer says we are only 1/2 way down to where the water wil be sustainable and pure.
The drilling of the new well in Ol”Gulului began creating a huge dust storm.

Domenic has been in Kenya monotoring the work on the well.  While there he received word, from the government, that he may return to Tanzania.  Once they scan his finger prints he will have his work permit.  As of today he had gone to do this but they said to come back at 2:00.  Things are never as simple as we think they should be when working in a foreign country.  As in the past this permit is only for Domenic and still nothing for Esther’s.

Well today at 2:00 came and went and has become, “Come back in two weeks.”  Lord we ask you to send forth your mighty angels to bring that work permit on Monday, in Jesus Name.”

Mollel has also sent a good report on the Teacher’s Housing.  The primer coat of paint has been applied to the outside of the building and is ready for the final coat of paint.  Window frames were installed and all the glass panes are in.  We use small glass paines because of the high winds that are a continual issue in M’Takooja.  We learned the hard way that the winds blows them out if they are very big.  The man who installed the terrazo flooring will be finished this week also. 

We are so excited to see this building finally completed. We thank God for this progress and that He is always on time!
Blessings to all of you,

Harry and Kathy