We Have Heard the Voice of the Children…

We Have Heard the Voice of the Children…

The greatest voice the children have is that of their performance.  They were serious about school the first day they began, where the only place to write was in the dirt under a tree.  We heard many say, “They are just village children that will never amount to much,” as they turned and looked the other way.  But there has been a determination in these kids that has proven everyone wrong.  All of Tanzania is now talking about what has happened at Kishapuy School in U’Kambeni Village.  Just to review, in case you missed it, when the test scores came back, the kids had scored All A’s, in every subject,  placing our school Number 1 in the District, Number 2 in the Region and Number 7 in the Nation.

Many are shaking their heads and asking, “How can this be?”  The answer is simple:  God began this school and He has always been in first place in every student’s life, even down to the tiniest child.  These kids don’t just know about God, but they have a personal relationship with Him.   They have positioned themselves in Him and out of that place is how this has happened.

Now those who have violently opposed us, trying to get the school discredited and closed, have come and confessed what they were doing and apologized.  They want their kids to come back to the best school.

We do not respond to threats, fear or pressure from the government.  But we have heard from the kids and now respond to them.  They are serious about school and want to continue.  To do this another classroom is necessary.  The foundation and floor have been poured.  The walls started going up before the money was even sent.  Even our Engineer is  willing to step out in faith, that the finances will be there to finish this room for the kids.  He  wasn’t willing to see a break in the construction process so he has used his personal credit to continue building.    This week we sent enough to cover the walls and roof.  We now need $5,000 to finish this classroom.

The excitement on our compound is greater than you could ever imagine.  Such celebrations are going on as the kids are recognized for their great accomplishment.  They have had a play day with a grand feast and sodas.  Goats were killed and roasted for the celebration.  This is the highest honor you could give them.

We honor the Kids for their dedicated work in preparing for their test and scoring straight “A’s”

We honor the Teachers as they remained committed to excellence in their teaching

And we honor Domenic and Esther as they continue in their administration of the school

Matt 10:42 says, “And if, as my representatives, you give even a cup of cold water to a little child, you will surely be rewarded.”  As each of you have partnered with us, you have done this, giving the kids clean, cold water, food, clothing, regular medical treatment and education.  You have been the Lord’s hands extended.  The future of Tanzania will be shaped by these children.

May God Richly bless you all!

Harry and Kathy

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